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Sustainable tea drinking - no more teabags

Idea description: 

Many people drink tea of campus. Tea has a nice taste, helps you mildly in keeping your attention up, warms you up during the cold winter days and is a great thing to drink with friends and colleagues.
However, most institutional tea supplies come in an environmentally unfriendly way. Tea is stored in tea-bags, where each tea-bag is made of fabric (that goes to waste), of a tiny fraction of metal (that also goes to waste, and prevents teabags from being disposed of as organic waste), a small thread and a piece of carton. In addition to this, in most cases, tea bags are stored inside small plastic bags, that contribute even further to waste.

The idea is to stop using tea-bags! Team up with some colleagues, and together buy supplies of unpackaged tea and infusers. Infusers can be cleaned and used forever. Unpackaged tea has lots less packaging than standard tea-bags and there are many tea shops where they will be happy to re-use your bag and refill it with tea!


Géraldine GUEDON
1 year 1 month ago

En plus, pour les amateurs de thé, avoir des feuilles entière en vrac et non toute émiettées préserve toute la saveur! ;-)