How can I sign up for the Challenge?


  1. First click on the «Register» button.
  2. On the «Register» page, fill out all the fields and click on the button «Create new account» at the bottom of the page.
  3. You will receive an e-mail confirming the activation of your account and providing login information. Open the e-mail and follow the instructions.
  4. Complete your user profile by entering your password.

How can I join a team?

You can join a team in one of two ways: either click the button labeled «Create a new team», or the one labeled «Join an existing team».

Create a new team

«Create a new team»: Choose a team name and motto and click on the «Create new team» button. This will bring you to the «Team» page. You can modify the team name and motto on the platform at any time under 

Join a team

«Join an existing team»: Select a team from the teams displayed and send a request to join. A member of the team will have to accept you on the platform. As soon as your request has been accepted or declined, you will receive a notification by e-mail. After you are accepted by a team, you can access its «TEAM» page.

Complete your registration

Invite friends

Invite your friends to join the team competition. The easiest way to do this is to go to the «TEAM» page and use the «Invite friends» button below your team icons. This will allow you to send an e-mail directly to your friends and invite them to join your team. To participate in the team competition, your team needs to have at least 3 team members to participate and can have a maximal of 6 members in total.

Upload your profile picture

On the right side in the blue menu you can see your name. A menu appears when you hover over your name. Please click on «Edit profile». On the next page, click on «Personal information». You can upload a picture by selecting «Upload user profile». To get back to the TEAM page, just click on «MY TEAM» on the right side.

Become familiar with the platform


On the «TEAM» page you can:

  • Receive suggestions and tips in the green box.
  • See your team members and their scores. The success smiley is shown if your friends are on track to reach their objectives, and the blue bubble shows which actions your teamates have done in the last 24 hours.
  • Exchange questions and experiences with the TEAM wall chat function.
  • Create events for your team and answer requests about joining events.
  • On the team point graph, see the cumulative amount of points gained by your team and how many you need to reach your objectives.

Edit team name and motto

On the right side in the blue menu you can see your name. When you hover over your name, a menu appears. In the menu, click on «Edit team»..

Plan the Team Competition

We recommend that you get together with your team members for a kick-off meeting before the start of the team competition. During the gathering you can talk about which actions each of you will do during the team competition and select your personal objectives.

Set objectives

During the team competition you have the opportunity to try out new actions and thus gather points for your team on the platform. Since every person is different, you can choose individually which actions you are going to complete during the team competition. Selecting OBJECTIVES helps you to plan the team competition.

To select objectives go to the «OBJECTIVE» page, and in the left column choose the actions you would like to do during the first week of the team competition. When selecting the actions, you can read background information and get tips.

It is also possible to modify your objectives during the team competition. For example, you may want to increase the difficulty level or add new actions. To do this, go to the «OBJECTIVE» page and select the actions you want to modify in the right column and click on the «Edit» button.

Ask a team to become your rival team

On the «RIVAL TEAM» page, you can compare your team to other teams during the team competition. You can ask a team to become your rival by sending a request with the «Add rival teams» button. The team will have to accept your request. You can also cancel a rival team request. As soon as your team receives a request or your request has been accepted by another team, a notification will appear in the green box on the «TEAM» page. Later, the new rival team will be shown on the «RIVAL TEAM» page.

Set your e-mail notifications

On the right side in the blue menu you can see your name. When you hover over your name a menu appears. In the menu, click on «Edit profile». On the next page, in the menu on the left side, select «Notifications». There you can choose when and how frequently you want to receive reminders from the platform about entering actions and notifications about the activities of your team members.