Try out new sustainable actions

Try out the actions you have selected as objectives. You might just find that you can include some of them easily in your everyday life or that an action is fun and actually contributes to your wellbeing.

Enter actions on the platform and gather points

Enter actions

Enter the actions you complete on the «ACTION» page, and gather points for your team. For each action you have chosen as an objective, you can enter whether or not you did it for each day. This way, the actions will be saved in the Point Counter, where you can still edit them. After entering all completed actions for that day, including actions from past days if needed, you can click on the «Get points» button.

You will then be directed to the «TEAM» page, where you can see your present score including the recently earned points, the feedback coming from the smiley, and the actions you entered in the blue bubble.

Enter actions later

The «ACTION» page shows every day of the challenge. You are able to enter actions up to 7 days after completion.

Share experiences during team activities

You are encouraged to do several group activities with your friends. The activities can be with your team members or with other colleagues. During meetings you can share experiences, get to know each other better and plan future activities. 

On the «TEAM» page, consider using the chat function of the team wall to send «team messages» to your team.

Compare your team to rival teams

Compete with rivals

On the «RIVAL TEAM» page you can compare your team directly to other teams with a ranking system. In order to compare teams of different sizes, for each team the average score per participant is displayed. By hovering over the profile picture icon, you can see which actions that person has been doing.