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You don't know yet? Experience in teams and through simple actions what it means to be digitally responsible!

From October 26, you can register on the platform, create teams and invite colleagues.

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This is how the Challenge works - an example

The platform

Access the platform via mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Android) or in the browser.


Access Code: A4C21
Name of the app: WeAct Challenge 

The actions part of the challenge

Choose your personal objectives among over 30 actions:

Quiz: Right and wrong ideas about digital responsibility, Count the number of screens you encounter, E-Mail free hours, Disconnect devices from the power supply while not in use, Healthy working posture, Limit your internet flow ... and many more!

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Individual prizes


The challenge Act for Change Digital will take place from 8th November - 26th November 2021.

From the October 26, you can sign up on the platform, create teams and invite others.

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