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Tips for a vegan week at EPFL

The master challenge of Act4Change Food Challenge’s third week is “Vegan week”, which means consuming only plantbased food, and avoid any products that come from animal exploitation. If you succeed this challenge, you will have reduced your food ecological footprint by 40%.

Version française: https://go.epfl.ch/1s4eV

First, let’s start with a few tips on how to find vegan food at EPFL (Thanks Gary Domeniconi for the help!)

· The “L’Ovnyvore” food truck (present on Thursdays and Fridays in November) is 100% vegan.
· The “Maharaja” Indian food truck has vegetarian meals that are all vegan, except for the one with paneer “Indian cheese”. Ask for a vegan mix without raita (yoghurt sauce), the owner really understands the concept.
· The “Hong Thai Rung” Thai food truck has a vegetarian meal that can be accidentally vegan. Ask them if there is any eggs, dairy of fish sauce to be sure.
· The “Le Klee” (by Takinoa) cafeteria at the Rolex Learning Center has vegan salads, wraps and soups daily.
· The “Atlantide” self-service in CM has a vegetarian meal with rice (or noodles on request), which is usually vegan. Sometimes, they also serve tofu on request.
· The "Ornythorynque" self-service in SV has soups, dal and Thai vegetables.
· The "Le Corbusier" self-service has a vegetarian buffet, with a lot of veggies and vegan options (not always labelled), price based on weight.
· The "Giacometti" cafeteria in SG has pecan, peanut, or lemon cereal bars.
· The "Cyber Café" cafeteria in SV has coffee with soy milk, and chocolate soy milk in cartons.
· The “Satellite” bar in CM will have a vegan sandwich by the end of November.
· The “Gina Ristorante” restaurant, at EPFL’s Quartier Nord, has vegetarian pizza that can be made vegan on request (ask to replace the mozzarella with another topping like mushrooms). Spaghetti and penne are vegan, mention you want a vegan dish (the best thing to do is to call beforehand, and the chef will be happy to help you and cook something delicious).
· The “Burrito Brothers” fast-food, at EPFL's Quartier Nord, has vegetarian burritos “Berkeley” and “Presidio” that can be made vegan on request; ask for no corn sauce, no cheese and no cream, and extra guacamole instead. Nachos and guacamole are vegan.

A “vegan” filter is now available on https://restauration.epfl.ch/


The easiest and more flexible way to is cook something at home and bring it to EPFL to reheat it.

Here are my personal favorite ressources for cooking vegan food:



In case of emergency, the shopping centers in Quartier Nord can help you.

For breakfast/morning snack:
· Mashed banana with oats or muesli, almonds, and your favorite non-dairy milk (I prefer oat or almond)
· Pecans, almonds, cashew nuts, macadamia & Brasil nuts, dried fruits
· Yoghurts made out of soy or coconut (SOYOG or COYOG at Migros), apple or fruits purees
· Fresh fruits, your body will thank you! ;)

For lunch:
· A sandwich with bread, hummus, dried tomato and fresh spinach;
· A sandwich with bread, mashed chickpeas, veganaise (vegan mayonnaise, available at Migros), capers and lettuce;
· Alnatura dips (Migros), for instance: beetroot, hummus, paprika-cashew, lentil dal, or other "streichcreme", with carottes, celeri or cauliflower sticks (or to spread on bread/toasts);
· A salad made out of chickpeas or red kidney beans, corn, avocado, fruits and vegetables you like, topped with a drizzle of olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar.
· Salads, soups, hummus and tabbouleh “Vegi Anna's Best” (check on the packaging)

Sweet or savory snacks:
· "Coeur de France" biscuits (prussiens)
· Dark chocolate, quinoa or berries “Farmers”
· Crunchy cereal crackers "Alnatura"
· Fruit bars “Alnatura”
· Sesame or cashew bars “Alnatura”
· Rice crackers "choco orange" “Alnatura”
· Most of the chocolates bars from “Alnatura”, including "Flakes & Hazelnuss"
· Mango and chocolate drinks
· "Cocoland" ice creams and sorbets, in case the weather warms up :)

For home:
· Ready-made food "Cornatur" (at the back of Migros, look for the yellow logo)
· “Alnatura" tofus (smoked, plain) and seitan sausages
· Soy cream, to use with pasta, stew, mushrooms, risotto and other creamy dishes
· Non dairy milks (soy, coconut, oat, cashew, rice, almonds)

Reading the ingredients on packaging in supermarkets is now easier with the logo “VEGAN” (yellow circle).

Of course, don’t miss Monday’s farmer’s market to stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables and bread.


There will be a free vegan food tasting, on Tuesday, November 27 at the Esplanade (EPFL). Make sur you try the foie-gras, cheese, muffins, and everything else! https://www.facebook.com/events/177612016526494/


If you have questions, feel free to contact me (EPFL e-mail address), I’d be happy to help/coach you. You can also check out the Vegan Students Society webpage on https://unipoly.epfl.ch/auva/ for more tips and information.

Don’t hesitate to add your own tips in the comments, and let me know if you're aware of some other places where you can find vegan food at EPFL.

Have a great vegan week!