Act for Change Challenge has three phases: before, during and afterwards.

Phase 1: Before Act for Change Challenge


1.  Sign-up

  1. Create a user account by registering

2. Invite friends

  1. Join the platform
  2. Invite your friends and colleagues

3. Plan the Challenge

  1. Have a look at the list of actions
  2. Plan to participate in Events



Phase 2: During Act for Change Challenge


1. Do actions

  1. Start completing the actions

2.  Earn points

  1. Gain points by entering completed actions on the platform

3. Compare you progress

  1. See your progress on the platform
  2. Compare your performance with other participants


Phase 3: After Act for Change Challenge


1.  Win Prizes 

  1. If you have completed all the actions, take part in the Prizes lottery 

2.  Keep new habits

  1. Keep doing actions
  2. Integrate the actions you liked most into your everyday life

3. Until the next edition

  1. Spread the word
  2. Participate again in the next edition of the Act for Change Challenge


Ready to be part of this experience?