What is the Act for Change Challenge?

The Act for Change Challenge is a interactive campaign organized for all EPFL employees. The objective is to discover how to make your daily life more sustainable on the campus with easy actions. It is setup like an interactive team competition which will run from 1st to 19 May 2017. 

Does participation require much time?

No. The first time you will enter the platform it will take some minutes to setup. To enter your daily actions is also very easy. Then you fix your objectives and manage your time as you want.

Who can participate in the Challenge?

The Challenge is open for all employees (including Phds). Students can also participate but will not be eligeble for prizes.

Who can win the prizes?

Prizes are won by the teams that have managed to complete the most actions and therefore have the highest average point score displayed in the Ranking Page.  

How can i gather points?

There are two ways of earning points:

1. During the Challenge for each action you do and enter on the platform, you earn a specific number of points. Not only environmentally friendly activities result in points but also social ones. By the way - doing activities together with your team earns you additional points!

2. Before the Challenge you have the possibility to earn bonus points by doing certain actions as for example: use the invitation button to invite colleagues, send a rival request, fill out the impact questionnaire and many more. Discover them all!

Do all my team members need to participate in team activities?

No, but a team activity requires at least three team members. You can also do team activities with other colleagues who are not on your team. The goal is to do an activity together and have an interesting exchange. 

Can I participate individually in the Challenge?

No, there have to be at least three people per team. Our experience has shown that the team is an important part of the competition, because doing things together and talking with each other motivates people and makes the challenge a lot more fun.

What happens if someone wants to cheat?

You can only modify your actions when you are logged in. We count on your honesty, personal responsibility and respect towards other teams.

The average score is shown. What does this mean?

The average amount of points shows the total points gathered by all team members divided by the size of the team. This enables the comparison of teams of different sizes.

How has the amount of points per action been set?

The amount of points per action comes from the sum of Eco, Social, Personal and Commitment points. These represent the positive impact the action has in different areas. For example, the Eco points are correlated to the amount of CO2 emissions associated with a specific activity. Because it is not possible to gather specific information for each action, average values have been used for the estimate allowing the platform to show the relative environmental impact of different actions. 

Why do actions from the «Well-being» area also yield points?

Sustainable actions are not only those with a positive environmental impact, but also those that improve relationships among people and personal quality of life. People who are healthy and who feel well have more energy to devote to relationships with other people and respecting the environment.

What is a rival team and how can I find one of them?

A rival team is a one against which your team can directly compare itself. You can send requests to other teams if you wish to be rivals with them. On the «Rival Team» page you can see the present scores of your rival teams, which actions have been done by the their members, and a ranking.

My question has not been answered in the FAQ. Whom can I contact?

If you have further questions, you are welcome to send a mail to challenge@actforchange.ch. We will answer your mail as soon as possible.